St Patrick’s Day!

Hi there! On next Sunday, March 17th, we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day! It's an Irish National Holiday, but it's celebrated all around the world. Everything will be green, even beer! We propone this activity to check how much you know about this holiday. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! saint-patrick  


St Valentine’s Day

Hi there! This week is the one devoted to love. From the English Department, we propose an activity to improve your vocabulary and reading skills. Choose your level and... Happy Valentine's Day! origins-of-valentines-day For BAD levels St_Valentine's_Day_ESPAD For ESPAD levels  


Vocabulary_thanksgiving_activities  History_Images Thanksgiving Hi guys! On Thursday 22nd November we are celebrating thanksgiving. The English Department are thankful for having lots of great students, and we want to cheer you up to keep up the pace. Here you have a couple of activities to learn vocabulary related to Thanksgiving and a little bit of its … Sigue leyendo Thanksgiving!